Business Owners and Their Families


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Business Owners and Their Families

Business owners invest years of hard work and energy building their operation to provide for their family, their retirement, and possibly for future generations. There are often may key relationships that need to be carefully safeguarded. With this understanding, Nathalie offers strategic thinking, discretion, and a particular sensitivity to the well-being of you and your family as well as your key employees and business partners.

Nathalie has represented clients in court and in alternative dispute resolution processes for over 30 years. She now focuses her efforts on keeping separations out of court because of the more beneficial results the collaborative approach consistently delivers- keeping you and your spouse in control of the results in a private setting.

Going to court should be a last resort especially if you are a business owner. In court, you have no control over the time, cost, or division of assets. As well, your sensitive personal and business information becomes public. More importantly, judges have the power to issue seriously disruptive orders including share transfers, a forced sale of the business, and in some extreme cases, freezing orders.

The collaborative process and mediation are much better suited for resolving marital disputes, especially for high net-worth families or when there is a business. In these private out-of-court systems, you and your spouse constructively and privately address your personal, business, and financial affairs, which may help you to find more attractive tax and financial solutions.

With Nathalie’s legal guidance, you can protect assets or claim a fair share, work out equitable agreements, and transition the business if it is not possible to jointly operate it.

Other Services

Collaborative and Traditional Legal Representation

Nathalie develops personalized strategies to achieve out-of-court solutions for the complex human, legal, and financial issues related to separation, divorce, and prenuptial agreements. She specializes in situations involving entrepreneurs, professionals, and high-net-worth individuals, and situations challenged by difficult personalities. Read more


As a family lawyer and accredited mediator, Nathalie is qualified to mediate both financial and parenting issues and she ensures the process meets legal standards. To avoid the costly exchange of numerous draft separation agreements between the spouses’ lawyers at the end of the process, Nathalie prepares the first draft of the separation agreement to ensure a fair process with neutral language. Read more

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