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What to Do When Your Spouse’s Addiction Gets Worse During the Pandemic

If you’re dealing with your spouse’s addiction and are thinking about getting a divorce, there are unique legal issues and strategies you might have to grapple with The impact of COVID-19 is being felt across all aspects of our lives.

Children Custody During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Radio Canada

Nathalie is interviewed in French by Radio Canada, to discuss parenting issues during the pandemic, from how Courts deal with custody fights, to suggesting other methods to resolve parenting issues including mediation and collaborative negotiation. Listen to the recording (French)

Saving family businesses from divorce during COVID-19

The pandemic has already taken a toll on both the economy and marriages across the country, and now with a second wave, those numbers are likely to rise. In fact, one in seven small businesses are at risk of going

COVID-19 increasing complexity in family law mediation – Interview by Law Times

In family law mediation, the COVID-19 pandemic has produced new complexities, including around digital security, the safety of spouses in abusive relationships and parenting conflicts around social distancing. But for the most part, the issues are the same, only they

How to best assist clients who separate during COVID-19 – The Lawyer’s Daily

With people working from home thanks to COVID-19, many couples aren’t getting any breaks from each other and, in some cases, may not even have adequate space to find solitude. For some, being confined to close quarters with no time apart is causing tension in marriages, triggering separation and divorce.

Mitigating The Cost Of COVID-19 On Business And Marriage – CanadianSME

Small businesses play an essential role in employing Canadians across the country yet have been particularly impacted by Covid-19. In addition, the pandemic has been wreaking havoc on marriages and, for business owners, this jeopardizes not only their family but potentially many others who depend on the business for their livelihoods.

Separating during the pandemic: What homeowners need to know – REMonline

COVID-19 has impacted all sectors of the economy, including real estate. The uncertainty is particularly challenging for homeowners who are at a crossroad in their relationship or in the process of separating.

Trapped: Helping separated clients manage unwanted cohabitation during COVID-19 – An Interview with Mortgage Broker News

There’s a certain level of connectedness that comes from dealing closely with clients’ finances, their families and their dreams for the future. Because of the proximity to a client’s life and everything that makes it unique and worth securing, it’s

Separation coronavirus: Manage your immunity during your separation: Use a friendlier approach to your separation

If you read my bio, and those who know me, understand that I am interested in the brain and people’s wellbeing. I have stayed informed about the impacts of the coronavirus by reading medical information from what I believe to be reliable sources…

Separation coronavirus: Can you live apart during COVID

This segment provides legal information about physically separating during the COVID-19 pandemic…

Separation COVID: What are your options if your assets decreased since your separation

This segment provides legal information about how to address a decline in the value of your assets from the date of separation to when you are ready to sign a separation agreement…

Can support payments be changed if you lost your job during Covid-19?

This segment discusses the steps to ask a change to an existing support obligation if the support payor lost their employment or suffered a significant decrease in income…

As COVID-19 weighs on marriages, what should business owners know?

With business closures, quarantines, and household isolation measures continuing throughout Canada and around the world, many couples forced into a common domestic situation for an extended period are finding their relationships tested. Family law experts predict an uptick in divorce

COVID19 – Legal Representation & Mediation During Coronavirus Outbreak

As Ontario deals with the impact of COVID 19, many families may also be struggling through a separation or divorce. In order to assist couples during this time while maintaining current health and safety measures, Boutet Family Law is offering