Blended family makes long-distance relationship work – Boutet in The Toronto Star

Today’s divorcees are more likely than ever to share the parenting equally — and that’s a good thing. The law on custody and access in Ontario starts “with a presumption that both parents should have equal time with the kids.” Studies have shown that it is best in most cases for both parents to have significant involvement in their children’s lives. That means it’s now much less common than it was a generation ago for dads to see their kids only every second weekend.

But it also means that couples such as Dennis and Coombe, whether separated by provinces or just a suburb or two, are tethered to the cities and towns where their child’s other parent lives. In fact, separation agreements often include a clause that establishes a geographic radius where each parent must remain living. Nathalie Boutet was featured in an article on The Toronto Star discussing a newly married couple who are making a long distance relationship work.

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