Choosing a family lawyer or mediator that’s right for you

Nathalie is a skilled Family Law lawyer with over 20+ years of experience who is committed to the practices of out-of-court negotiation, Collaborative Law and Mediation for separating couples and families. She is an Accredited Mediator with Ontario Association for Family Mediation. This commitment is rooted in the tremendous value these processes can deliver, and Nathalie’s dedication to achieving exceptional results for her clients. For families embarking on the difficult path to separation and divorce, the processes of Collaborative Law and Mediation make settlements easier to reach and generally provide a more positive experiences for family members, especially children.

Special skills are required for complex personal and commercial portfolios. Nathalie’s expertise lies with representing business owners or their spouses for over 20+ years.

In Collaborative Law, Nathalie represents one party in the separation and works collaboratively with the other party’s lawyer to come up with a separation agreement that both parties are satisfied with.

In Mediation cases, Nathalie works with both partners to reach a mutually agreeable separation agreement, employing her Collaborative Law negotiating training and interest-based negotiation principles.

In some cases couples do not choose Mediation or Collaborative Law but still want to negotiate a separation out-of-court. In these cases, Nathalie acts as the advocate for one of the two spouses, and will work with the other spouse’s lawyer using her negotiating skills and training to bring decorum, clarity and fairness to the situation.

Choosing the right lawyer or mediator and the type of separation process that is right for you is a two-step analysis:

In these pages you will be exposed to various methods of completing your legal separation and tips on choosing a good lawyer or mediator. This information will help you stay in control of your life during this process.

1. What do you want to feel when you are with your lawyer or mediator? You will be working with this professional during one of the most challenging times in your life.

2. What legal method of separation you want to be in? The skills required by the lawyer to keep you out of court are different than the skills required to take you and your family to Court.