Business Owners and Their Families

Business owners spend years building their business to provide for their family, their retirement, and possibly for future generations. When a separation or a divorce comes — a reality in the modern world where approximately 50% of marriages and common law relationships fail — the results can devastate a lifetime of hard work.

Special skills are required for complex personal and commercial portfolios. Nathalie is an experienced and strategic negotiator who has a particular sensitivity to your and your family’s well-being, but also to the need for commercial and personal privacy.

Nathalie has represented family businesses, business owners or their spouses both before the courts and in alternative dispute resolution processes for over 20+ years. She now focuses her efforts in keeping separations out of court because of the more beneficial results this approach consistently delivers.

Going to court is a last resort. In court people have no control over the outcome — or the division of their divorce assets — and their personal and sensitive business information becomes public. More importantly, judges have the power to order seriously disruptive verdicts including share transfers, a forced sale of the business, and in some extreme cases, issue freezing orders.

Collaborative law and mediation are much better suited for resolving marital disputes, especially for high net-worth families. In these private out-of-court systems, separating spouses constructively address their personal, business and financial affairs, and find more attractive tax and financial solutions. With Nathalie’s legal, they are able to protect their assets or claim a fair share, work out a post-nuptial or equitable agreement, receive the best approach for their divorce business valuation, or transition the business if it is no longer possible to jointly operate.


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