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Marriage, co-habitation contracts can be good investment – Boutet in The Globe and Mail

A romantic proposal or an invitation to move in with a partner may seem like an awkward time to start planning for a smooth divorce. But with nearly half of Canadian marriages ending before death does couples part, a pre-nup

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Marriage Contracts are a Practical Way to Organize your Affairs

While it is frequent for couples who have a business or high net worth to enter into a domestic contract, such agreements are also relevant for people with children of previous relationships, or for situations where one of the partners

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How Different Generations Can See Eye-To-Eye On Prenups – Boutet on Huffington Post

No one likes to plan for the failure of a marriage. But with the average nuptials in Canada lasting a mere 13.7 years, according to StatsCan, it’s not surprising that prenuptial agreements are becoming more popular among today’s couples looking

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How to Protect a Business from Divorce – Boutet on The Divorce Angels

Successful entrepreneurs know the hard work and dedication it takes to build a thriving business. But often, insufficient time has been spent protecting a business from the potentially devastating impacts of a divorce. Read the full article on The Divorce

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How to create a valid marriage or cohabitation agreement?

What circumstances justify negotiating a marriage or cohabitation agreement? There are substantial assets or high income There are children from a prior relationship There are potential inheritances/share issuance Someone had a bad experience in their previous divorce When would a

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If your co-founder is headed for divorce court, can your business survive? – Boutet in The National Post

Nathalie provides The National Post with advice on how businesses can survive the threat of a divorce. Read the full article on The National Post.

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Are marriage agreements saving marriages?

Recently, the Upshot blog at New York Times  took a hard look at the idea that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. According to their research – it is a myth. In fact, if current trends continue, two-thirds of

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Why promoting having a pre-nup is so important to me – Nathalie Boutet on Canada AM

What’s a pre-nup? It is a validly enforceable contract between 2 people which governs how finances will be organized in the event of a separation. If people are not married, we officially call it a cohabitation agreement and if they

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Getting married? Talking about a pre-nup is healthy

Wedding season is coming up. Most think that marriage agreements (or pre-nups as we call them in pop culture) are only needed for people with a lot of money. In fact, marriage agreements are becoming more and more popular for

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