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Pre Nuptial Agreement

The Modern Prenup: Four ways to negotiate a marriage agreement – Boutet On The Huffington Post

Falling in love is a tale as old as time and despite high divorce rates, people still can’t help coupling up. And while love may not have changed, the circumstances of modern society have. Nowadays, people are marrying later or

Marriage, co-habitation contracts can be good investment – Boutet in The Globe and Mail

A romantic proposal or an invitation to move in with a partner may seem like an awkward time to start planning for a smooth divorce. But with nearly half of Canadian marriages ending before death does couples part, a pre-nup

Marriage Contracts are a Practical Way to Organize your Affairs

While it is frequent for couples who have a business or high net worth to enter into a domestic contract, such agreements are also relevant for people with children of previous relationships, or for situations where one of the partners

How Different Generations Can See Eye-To-Eye On Prenups – Boutet on Huffington Post

No one likes to plan for the failure of a marriage. But with the average nuptials in Canada lasting a mere 13.7 years, according to StatsCan, it’s not surprising that prenuptial agreements are becoming more popular among today’s couples looking

How to create a valid marriage or cohabitation agreement?

Pre-Nup Agreements Entering into a new relationship is an exciting time for the young couple as well as the family. Next Gen who own shares in the business or who receive money or gifts from the family business will be

Are marriage agreements saving marriages?

Recently, the Upshot blog at New York Times  took a hard look at the idea that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. According to their research – it is a myth. In fact, if current trends continue, two-thirds of

Why promoting having a pre-nup is so important to me – Nathalie Boutet on Canada AM

What’s a pre-nup? It is a validly enforceable contract between 2 people which governs how finances will be organized in the event of a separation. If people are not married, we officially call it a cohabitation agreement and if they

Getting married? Talking about a pre-nup is healthy

Wedding season is coming up. Most think that marriage agreements (or pre-nups as we call them in pop culture) are only needed for people with a lot of money. In fact, marriage agreements are becoming more and more popular for