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What happens to insurance policies after separation? – Boutet on

A common way to secure an ongoing financial obligation after divorce is through life insurance. The death benefit is typically based on the amount and duration of the support obligation, which does not have to equal the entire value of

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Relationship problems can threaten survival of family business – Boutet in Succession Planning

One issue that is often overlooked in family run enterprises is the risk that an interpersonal relationship will be damaged, taking the business down with it. It’s called relationship risk. When people don’t take care of their relationship, whatever plans

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Take Steps to Protect the Family Business as a Divorce Unfolds

It’s important to take immediate steps to protect the family business in the event of a marital breakdown. If the business is providing significant revenue for the family, it’s their livelihood, and a divorce can be very disruptive. If both

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Preserving wealth with a certified Family Enterprise Advisor

Nathalie Boutet is featured on Advocate Daily to talk about the unique needs that family owned businesses have during a separation or divorce. “When you have worked so hard in your life to create a business for your family, and

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If your co-founder is headed for divorce court, can your business survive? – Boutet in The National Post

Nathalie provides The National Post with advice on how businesses can survive the threat of a divorce. Read the full article on The National Post.

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Can Your Marriage Survive Starting a Business? – Boutet in The Globe and Mail

Nathalie gives Globe & Mail readers advice on protecting your marriage if starting a business, and protecting your business in case of divorce. Read the full article on The Globe and Mail.

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Protect a Business from Marital Breakdown – Boutet in

Marital breakdown can destroy a business, but it needn’t be this way. With the right planning, your client’s business can survive a failed marriage. Read the full article on

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Protect Your Practice – Nathalie Boutet on CPA Canada

Yours, mine or ours? What business owners should know and do to protect their assets in the event of a personal relationship breakdown. Read the article on CPA Canada.

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Family Law ‘Aggressive Enough’ Without Contingency Fees – Nathalie Boutet in Law Times

Ending Ontario’s ban on contingency fees in family law cases may create more problems than it solves, Toronto family lawyer Nathalie Boutet says in Law Times. The idea was raised by a letter recently sent to the provincial government from

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Top 10 Ways to Manage Conflict in a Business – Nathalie Boutet in The Globe & Mail

When conflict arises in the workplace—as it inevitably does—many smaller organizations and family enterprises are not prepared to handle it. It takes some careful crafting of policies, as well as genuine self-reflection, to get the team back on track. Read

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Family Law and Home Ownership – Nathalie Boutet on CFRA Radio

Nathalie Boutet on CFRA Radio discussing out-of-court methods such as collaborative law and interest-based negotiation, and the power of “fairness”.

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First-time Homebuyers and Ownership Rights

Spring is upon us and many couples are looking to buy their first home together. While taking your relationship to the next level is exciting, it’s important to know your rights when it comes to investing in a property with

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Resolution by Negotiation Most Common Approach

A recent study finding that most paths through the family justice process lead to resolution by negotiation lays the groundwork for a discussion on why many cases even enter the court system in the first place, says Toronto family lawyer

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Marital Breakdown – Nathalie Boutet in Canadian Consulting Engineer

Engineers have it made. According to a 2010 study from Radford University in Virginia, engineers are among the professions with the lowest divorce rates. They also rank amongst professions with the top- paying starting salary in Canada. Still, with the

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Safeguarding Your Business – Nathalie Boutet in Canadian Treasurer Magazine

I recently wrote an article for Canadian Treasurer on the topic of safeguarding your business from marital breakdown. Whether you are the owner of a family enterprise or an executive in a major corporation, it is important to have a

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Case supports deviation from federal guidelines – Nathalie Boutet in Law Times

Creative child support arrangements that stray from the Child Support Guidelines work in certain cases, but some parties prefer to stick with the federal system due to its enforcement powers, Toronto family lawyer Nathalie Boutet tells Law Times. The article

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Advice for Grey Divorces – Nathalie Boutet in Divorce Magazine

“If you’re more than 60 years old and divorcing, collaboration or mediation are your best hopes of preserving your family’s finances.” Nathalie writes in Divorce Magazine on subject of divorce among older couples. Read the full article.

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How to protect your small business from a marital breakdown – Nathalie Boutet in The Globe & Mail

Business owners who devote their lives to create a thriving business are ill prepared for family breakdown and divorce. When it comes, a reality in the modern world where approximately 50 per cent of marriages and common law relationships fail,

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Financial Disclosure in Divorce Cases

When people separate and embark on the legal process, through the courts or in Collaborative Law or Mediation, they must disclose to the other spouse’s lawyer everything about their financial situations. It’s called providing “financial disclosure”. Here is what’s included

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Occupation rent for divorcing spouses

Separating spouses may have to deal with the issue of “occupation rent”. If the separating spouses own a house jointly and one spouse moves out, the spouse who remains in occupation of the house may be asked to pay occupation

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Reduce the cost of valuing a professional practice upon divorce using Collaborative Law

Valuating a professional practice when there is a separation may be emotionally charged and costly because of the subjective nature of business valuations, especially professional businesses. Read more to find out what elements of a professional practice may have value

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Valuing Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Trusts

Ontario courts have recognized that contingent assets such as a spouse’s interest in a trust are considered property, and are therefore taken into account when determining each spouse’s net family property. Valuing trusts in family separation and divorce can be

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Valuing discretionary and non-discretionary trusts

Nathalie Boutet was featured on Advocate Daily to discuss the subject of valuing discretionary and non-discretionary trusts. Ontario courts have recognized that contingent assets such as a spouse’s interest in a trust are considered property, and are therefore taken into

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Income Determination and Divorce – Collaborative Divorce Law Can Be Used to Negotiate Financial Disclosure in Divorce

How do separating spouses know the appropriate amount of spousal and child support? As your family law lawyer will tell you, both spouses need to produce financial information about their income and expenses so that the amount of spousal and

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Alimony Spousal Support in Ontario for Homemakers: In a Separation, Should a Homemaker Be Forced Back to Work?

An important issue to be thinking about in separation is alimony spousal support in Ontario. The laws about temporary support and alimony spousal support in Ontario promote the obligation of both spouses to try to achieve financial independence.  These laws

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