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Tips for Teams Working with Family Enterprise Clients – Boutet on

When advisors work in arranged teams with complementary skills, they may have developed a charter to define their roles and common goals, a code of conduct for communications, and a method for conflict resolution. They can then draw on these

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Professionalism and Ethics in Family Law

My commentary on the article “Professionalism and Ethics in Family Law” recently published in The Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution, by Deanne Sowter. When it comes to the role lawyers play in conflict resolution and ethical dilemmas, the notion of “neuro awareness” or

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Having an Affair – The Ashley Madison Leak

The Ashley Madison leak is sending ripples of fear through millions of people right now. Whether you used the site or have a suspicion that your spouse has, here are some tips on how to start an open and honest

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Protect Your Practice – Nathalie Boutet on CPA Canada

Yours, mine or ours? What business owners should know and do to protect their assets in the event of a personal relationship breakdown. Read the article on CPA Canada.

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Separated Families Derive Great Satisfaction Through the Collaborative Process – Nathalie Boutet in Ontario Bar Association

When my colleague Barbara Kristanic and I started our most recent Collaborative Law case involving mobility (wife and children to relocate from Ontario to Europe), a child with disabilities, a stay-at-home mother and a husband who wanted to change careers,

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Family Law and Home Ownership – Nathalie Boutet on CFRA Radio

Nathalie Boutet on CFRA Radio discussing out-of-court methods such as collaborative law and interest-based negotiation, and the power of “fairness”.

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Separating is Hard – Don’t Go Through Your Separation Alone

Divorce can be a painful and difficult process for everyone involved. Especially for children who are often caught in between the strong emotions of their parents. Parents need to balance feelings of anger, sadness and – often – fear with

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Leave emotions out of family business negotiations – Nathalie Boutet in Spark Business IQ

Just because a relationship ends, a family business doesn’t have to, Toronto family lawyer Nathalie Boutet says in a Spark Business IQ article discussing how to protect companies from failed romantic partnerships. “The bottom line is that the split should

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Counscious Uncoupling – Nathalie Boutet Interviewed by Gary Doyle on 570 News

Nathalie Boutet is interviewed by Gary Doyle on 570 News discussing the term “Conscious Uncoupling” used by Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, and how it supports Collaborative Family Law practices. Listen to the interview here.

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Gwyneth Paltrow divorce a “conscious uncoupling.” – Nathalie Boutet interviewed by the Huffington Post

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have decided to part ways through an amiable and non-tension filled “conscious uncoupling.” Our own Nathalie Boutet talks about how collaborative law can play a big role in keeping things friendly and protecting your children.

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Reduce the cost of valuing a professional practice upon divorce using Collaborative Law

Valuating a professional practice when there is a separation may be emotionally charged and costly because of the subjective nature of business valuations, especially professional businesses. Read more to find out what elements of a professional practice may have value

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Ontario Family Court – Preparing for Mediation and Negotiation Techniques Used in Mediation

Thanks to the abundance of Mediation Services Toronto has to offer, separating families have easy access to friendlier methods to resolve their differences. This is even more so since the Ontario Family Court system now makes mediation mandatory in some

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Divorce Lawyers in Toronto Will Act on Your Instructions

The following article provides family law information that will make you reflect on how to choose a lawyer that will be responsible and competent. There is a saying in family law that says that a family law file is made

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Collaborative Family Law And Divorce Mediation Are Essential to Protecting Your Children During A Divorce

Parents who separate impose a tremendous change to their children’s core foundation. For divorce kids, statistics are clear that while some will eventually benefit from seeing their parents flourish in new relationships, several divorce kids will be affected by the

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Amicable Divorce? You Can Separate or Divorce without Court Using Collaborative Law in Ontario

Most people set out to have an amicable divorce. Why then is it so painful when they separate or divorce? A family law file is generally made up by 5% of the law and the facts of your case, and

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Mediation in Ontario and Collaborative Family Law in Ontario – How are they different?

Family law in Ontario is complex and families should seek legal advice before deciding what system of family law in Ontario they wish to use. The choices are: negotiation between spouses; collaborative family law; family law mediation; traditional negotiation (this

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