What happens to insurance policies after separation? – Boutet on Advisor.ca

A common way to secure an ongoing financial obligation after divorce is through life insurance. The death benefit is typically based on the amount and duration of the support obligation, which does not have to equal the entire value of

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Neuroscience and Behavioural Economics for Legal Practitioners

AGENDA: 9:00am-9:10am – Welcome and Opening Remarks (Jane Southren, Jane Southren Consulting) 9:10am-10:25am – Behavioural Economics 101- Management and Communication Strategies for Law and Business (Michael Sherman, BA, JD, MBA, President, Brainthinks) 10:25am-10:40am – ​Coffee and Networking Break 10:40am-11:55am- The

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Nathalie Boutet is the Keynote Speaker At the IDFA 2017 Canadian Series Conference

The IDFA 2017 Canadian Series Conference brings together the divorce community for 2.5 days of networking and continuing education with a lineup of experts in the field. Nathalie Boutet will be the keynote speaker at this event, speaking on the

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How accountants can help prepare ex-spouses for mediation – Boutet on Advocate Daily

Accountants and other financial professionals can help their divorcing clients prepare for mediation by having a better understanding of their role in this process. Mediation and non-court processes do not work when a spouse attempts to conceal information, and these

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Neuroscience Awareness – Boutet in Law Pro Magazine

Boutet continues to educate lawyers on how to be more effective in their duties and how to better respond to our clients’ needs by sharing her knowledge about neuroscience with Law Pro. Read the full article in LawPRO Magazine. This

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Lawyer Jessica Cohen on the Psychology of Fear and Anxiety

Lawyer Jessica Cohen has the courage to suggest lawyers should pay attention to clients’ feelings. It is unfortunate that law schools don’t teach us about the human aspects about our clients because we accidentally ignore our clients’ fears and anxieties

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Tips for Teams Working with Family Enterprise Clients – Boutet on Advisor.ca

When advisors work in arranged teams with complementary skills, they may have developed a charter to define their roles and common goals, a code of conduct for communications, and a method for conflict resolution. They can then draw on these

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Conflict Resolution Strategies for Family Businesses – Boutet on The Huffington Post

It is not simple to resolve conflict within businesses where people bring in different points of view, cultures and values. Resolving conflict within a family may be even more complex because the members have had a lifetime of interacting with

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Sibling rivalry can sink family business succession – Boutet in Succession Planning

Nathalie Boutet is featured in an article discussing how mediation can offer a route to involving all family members in resolving disputes over succession plans. Read the full article in Succession Planning. This article is also featured on Advocate Daily.

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Conflict Resolution Strategies for Family Businesses

It is not simple to resolve conflict within businesses where people bring in different points of view, cultures and values. Resolving conflict within a family may be even more complex because the members have had a lifetime of interacting with

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How to prepare your spouse to work in the family business – Boutet in The Globe and Mail

As many as 80 per cent of small businesses in Canada are family enterprises. And while the benefits of self-employment and entrepreneurship can include financial freedom and control over one’s career, there are many factors families need to consider before

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Blended family makes long-distance relationship work – Boutet in The Toronto Star

Today’s divorcees are more likely than ever to share the parenting equally — and that’s a good thing. The law on custody and access in Ontario starts “with a presumption that both parents should have equal time with the kids.”

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Marriage, co-habitation contracts can be good investment – Boutet in The Globe and Mail

A romantic proposal or an invitation to move in with a partner may seem like an awkward time to start planning for a smooth divorce. But with nearly half of Canadian marriages ending before death does couples part, a pre-nup

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Staying amicable best path to future reconciliation with ex – Boutet on The Toronto Star

Reuniting with a lost love is more common than many people think, but it isn’t easy to reconcile with a former partner — especially after a divorce. Nathalie Boutet was featured in an article on The Toronto Star discussing how

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Why business owners should avoid divorce court – Boutet on Advocate Daily

The divorce court system is adversarial, expensive, time-consuming and open to the public — all reasons for family business owners to avoid it. It’s the most expensive process, it lasts the longest and nobody but the judge has control over

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Why Advisors Should Get Personal with Divorcing Clients – Boutet on Advisor.ca

Chances are, every advisor will encounter a client whose marriage breaks down. Advisors who are afraid to touch such an emotionally charged issue miss important opportunities to connect with clients. Nathalie shares some simple tips so you know what to

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Relationship problems can threaten survival of family business – Boutet in Succession Planning

One issue that is often overlooked in family run enterprises is the risk that an interpersonal relationship will be damaged, taking the business down with it. It’s called relationship risk. When people don’t take care of their relationship, whatever plans

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Marriage Contracts are a Practical Way to Organize your Affairs – Boutet on Advocate Daily

While it is frequent for couples who have a business or high net worth to enter into a domestic contract, such agreements are also relevant for people with children of previous relationships, or for situations where one of the partners

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How Different Generations Can See Eye-To-Eye On Prenups – Boutet on Huffington Post

No one likes to plan for the failure of a marriage. But with the average nuptials in Canada lasting a mere 13.7 years, according to StatsCan, it’s not surprising that prenuptial agreements are becoming more popular among today’s couples looking

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Nathalie Boutet at CAFE’s Family Business Forum

On October 4, 2016, The Family Business FORUM will be held at the Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Ontario. This is the ultimate gathering for family enterprise in Central Ontario and represents a unique opportunity for your organization to connect and

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Business Advisors can be the ‘Voice of Reason’ in a Divorce – Boutet on Advocate Daily

Trusted advisors such as accountants and lawyers can play a key role in minimizing the potential negative impact of a divorce within a family business. Referring clients to the right family law lawyer could mean the difference between a divorce

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Take Steps to Protect the Family Business as a Divorce Unfolds – Boutet on Advocate Daily

It’s important to take immediate steps to protect the family business in the event of a marital breakdown. If the business is providing significant revenue for the family, it’s their livelihood, and a divorce can be very disruptive. If both

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How to Protect a Business from Divorce – Boutet on The Divorce Angels

Successful entrepreneurs know the hard work and dedication it takes to build a thriving business. But often, insufficient time has been spent protecting a business from the potentially devastating impacts of a divorce. Read the full article on The Divorce

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Choice of lawyer sends strong signal from outset of divorce – Boutet on Advocate Daily

There is one strategic step members of family-owned businesses can take from the initial stages of a divorce to keep some control over the outcome of the divorce: choosing the right lawyer. Read the full article on Advocate Daily.

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Preserving wealth with a certified Family Enterprise Advisor – Boutet in Advocate Daily

Nathalie Boutet is featured on Advocate Daily to talk about the unique needs that family owned businesses have during a separation or divorce. “When you have worked so hard in your life to create a business for your family, and

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